Moving overseas is very different from moving home in Lancashire. You may be moving to somewhere that you know reasonably well, such as Spain or Portugal, if you have been there on holiday a few times, so you know some of the customs and perhaps the area where you are going to live. 
However, you could also be moving overseas for business purposes, if, say, your company gives you a promotion and wants you to take over and run their branch in Sydney, or Paris, Sardinia, or Nairobi. Heck, you may have to learn a new language just to begin with. 
At Movers International, as one of the foremost international moving companies in the UK, we have been moving people abroad for over 30 years. Wherever you are going, unless it’s a small island in the Arctic, we have been there before. So, we are fully aware of all of the customs procedures and the shipping requirements, and we can help you on your way. 
We regularly move people to the Caribbean, to the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and to pretty much every country in Europe. If it is not an English-speaking country, we can’t help you with the language of course, but we do have a few tips. 
You Need Enough To Live On For Six Months 
First and foremost, if you have never been to your new destination, you really need to have at least six months money on which to live while you settle down and find a permanent home. You may also need to find work, and there are different regulations in different countries. Some countries, such as Portugal, at the moment, welcome people who want to live as residents with open arms. Others, maybe not so much. 
This means that you need to spend time learning about the various rules and regulations so that you can find a home, and if necessary, find work. You may also wish to set up your own business in another country, and again you need to check what is and isn’t allowed. 
Of course, then there is also the physical process of moving, and as one of the leading international moving companies we have the experience and the skills that others do not. We can help with packing all your worldly goods so that they don’t get damaged in transit – barring unforeseen accidents – and advising you on the sort of insurance you should take out. 
Our team is here, ready, willing, and able to help. 
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