Moving to France from the UK can be a joyous experience, whether you are moving for lifestyle, retirement or work purposes. To truly enjoy your move, you must be on top of things and meticulous with your planning. Also, you need the assistance of professionals specialising in removals to France. 
This is where Movers International (Europe) Ltd. comes to your rescue. We have years of experience, knowledge and an adept team to handle every aspect of your move to France from the UK. 
We have put this following guide to make your move as smooth and fuss-free as possible. You must ensure to do these key things before your big move. 
Organise all the paperwork (France and the UK) 
Don’t forget to organise your documents in the excitement of moving to France. Without the proper documentation, you cannot adjust to a new country. 
The key documents for your move include birth and marriage certificate, education and qualification documents, medical documents, UK tax documentation, banking documents, driving licence, etc. 
Next, you must check with the French authorities to ensure you have all the right documents that will help you get settled in the new country. You must also inform the relevant authorities of your intentions to move before taking the plunge. 
Know the cost of living in France 
It is a good idea to check the cost of living in France before you make your move. Fortunately, the cost of living is comparable to the UK in lots of areas. But it will depend on where you decide to live. 
On average, you will find the rent in France is 10% to 25% cheaper than in the UK. But if you think of buying instead of renting, France might be pricier than the UK. 
Get your visa 
You must get your visa before you can move to France. Get a VLS-TS visa if you are a student or worker. This visa will let you stay in France for up to a year. Once in France, you must register at the French Immigration and Integration Office within three months, giving you the same rights as a residence permit. 
Besides these, you must set up your French bank account, learn the French language and be open to embracing French culture. As for moving your prized belongings, we are one of the top removal companies to France. Get in touch to get a quote. 
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