If you are going to move to France, you are nonetheless moving overseas, even if it is only 20 miles away. So, one of the things that you will need is a visa. Since we are no longer in the EU, we are treated no differently from anyone else who is not in the EU. 
However, if you are moving there permanently, you will need to take more than your visa. When you are moving overseas, even though it is only across the Channel, you will require various documents. You will need to open a bank account and will require banking and financial documents. You will also need birth and marriage certificates, where applicable, medical documents, driving licence, vehicle documents if you are taking your own car, UK tax documents, and any appropriate educational documents or qualifications. You will also need to apply for a registration document with the French government. 
Take Some French Lessons! 
You may well have learned a little French at school, but many of us forget most of it after a few years for the simple reason that we don’t use it. So it would be a very good idea to take some lessons in French, which you can do at evening classes or through an online course. While it is nice to be fluent in French, at the very least you need to be able to make yourself understood, and to understand what people are saying to you. 
You also need to set up your utilities – electricity, gas, water. Many French people use EDF for electricity and GDF for gas, but whichever you use, you need to get it set up before your move because otherwise you will be sitting in the dark for a week! 
When it comes to the removals to France, we can take you to wherever you are going to live at Movers International. We carry out removals to France routinely, and we also have weekly runs to France, so if you only need to move a few items they can go on one of those. Make an appointment for us to come to your home and assess your contents and what you need to move. 
As for packing, you can do this yourself if you wish, but we always recommend that you let us undertake this for you. Our expert team knows how to pack everything so that it all arrives at your destination in perfect condition. 
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