Portugal is a country where people from across the globe relocate; while work brings some to Portugal, others have other reasons. The country is blessed with a warm climate, beautiful physical features, a relatively low cost of living, and good access to education and healthcare. If you have plans to shift to Portugal with your pet, you will have specific regulations to follow. Movers International is one of the removal companies in Portugal that will help you move to Portugal and bring your pet friend along. 
Points to consider for the EU countries 
The most important thing is to ensure your pet has a microchip linked to its passport. 
If you are moving to Portugal from any EU country, you must keep the following in mind: 
You cannot bring more than five pets at a time. Some international shipping companies and airlines allow only two pets at a time. Discuss this with your movers beforehand. 
The pet should not be less than twelve weeks old. 
You must not bring a pregnant pet to Portugal while moving here. 
If you plan to ship your pet earlier than you, make sure you reach Portugal within five days afterwards. 
Ensure the pet is fully vaccinated, and also bring the vaccination document. 
You cannot move them to Portugal 21 days from the date of the booster dose in case your pet friend received a rabies booster shot recently. 
Points to consider for non-EU countries 
As most removal companies to Portugal will direct you, the above points are common for non-EU countries also. In addition, you must ensure the following: 
In some cases, the authorities ask for a blood test report of your pet (usually dogs). Communicate with Direção-Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária or the Directorate-General for Food and Veterinary beforehand for this purpose. 
A health certificate of your pet duly signed by an authorised vet in your country is mandatory. 
If your pet travels by air, choose airlines that land at Lisbon, Faro or Porto international airports. 
You must sign a Statement of Responsibility if you stay in Portugal for less than four months. 
Breed-specific pointers 
Portugal does not have any restrictions on specific dog breeds. But, it is always recommended that you carry pedigree documentation, especially if you have a Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tosa Inu, etc. Neuter your dog if you stay in Portugal for more than four months. 
Portugal is a pet-friendly country where you can take your pet buddy to the beach, cafes, restaurants, etc. Connect with Movers International and spend your days in Portugal with your pet without the hassle of international removal. 
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