Over the past decade, Preston has emerged as a top-choice location for people wanting to settle abroad. With state-of-the-art health facilities, great housing options and a booming job market, this city boasts of everything that a new resident might dream of. Therefore, moving to Preston is a lucrative option for many. However, one must also consider the hassles of relocating. For a smooth experience of removals to Preston and Lancashire, you can trust Movers International and hire its services. We specialise in planning, processing and executing removals. 
All about Preston 
Wouldn't you like to know about the location before you move there? So, here's a glance at how the city will welcome you. 
A brief history of the town 
The town's name comes from an old English word meaning 'settlement of priests.' Once a small parish, this town has now evolved into a sprawling city that houses thousands. 
Huge investment in business 
The country's government has put a multi-million dollar 'Preston and Lancashire City Deal' in place to improve the city's infrastructure. It involves a ten-year scheme that can potentially create thousands of jobs in the near future. So, removals to Preston, Lancashire, may prove to be excellent employment opportunities. 
Excellent education facilities 
The town boasts quality education facilities in the form of great schools and universities. The University of Central Lancashire is one such example. With links to local businesses, UCL aims to ensure the employment of its graduates in the vicinity. Two-thirds of the primary and secondary schools of the town consistently achieve 'Good' or 'Outstanding' scores. 
Property prices 
In spite of the inflow of businesses to Preston, property prices are still reasonable. Purchasing a property in Preston might prove to be an excellent investment. 
Wide open spaces 
You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to visiting the scenic locales at Preston. There are numerous places where you can spend quality time on weekends. It has numerous well-manicured parks, a natural reserve, and a very pretty trickling River Ribble running through the city. 
With easy visa procedures, smooth international removals and state-of-the-art facilities, moving to Preston will not be as daunting. You can always trust Movers International in this regard. We assure you safe relocation of your belongings and can help you with all the legal documentation and other paperwork as you embark on your journey to Preston, Lancashire. 
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