If you are thinking of moving to Spain, you are by no means on your own. Many Britons go to Spain for holidays and love the sunny climate, the relaxed way of life, and the fact that it is far less expensive to live there than in the UK, and decide that one day, when they retire, they will up sticks, and live there permanently. Others simply decide to go to Spain anyway and find a job when they get there. 
However, moving to Spain is no longer as simple as it was when we were members of the EU. We now no longer have freedom of movement and are treated in the same way as anyone else from another country not in the EU. This means that we have to contend with the rules and regulations such as obtaining an NIE number. 
An NIE is a tax identification certificate which is issued by the National Police of Spain and is a legal requirement for anyone who is working in Spain, wants to open a bank account, or buy or sell a property or car. In other words, pretty much everyone. An NIE is also used as a general means of identification, although it has no photo on it. 
In order to obtain an NIE you will need the following: 
• Your passport and a copy of all pages. 
• Passport photos. 
• proof of legal entry into Spain. 
• A complete EX-15 form; you can find this online but it must be completed in Spanish. 
• A supporting document stating why you need an NIE (plus a photocopy). 
You can apply to the Spanish Consulate before you leave. There are also people who will act as your representative to organise this for you for a fee. 
For removal to Spain, you will need the following: 
• Passport. 
• NIE. 
• Residence certificate. 
• Letter from your employer confirming you have work (if you are not retiring). 
• Application for duty free import. 
• Your house deeds for your Spanish home or a rental contract. 
• A full inventory of the goods in Spanish. 
There are also some restricted items which you may not be able to take into Spain or which will incur fees, but at Movers International we can help you with these. 
When you are moving to Spain it is important to remember that if you are going to one of the cities there is likely to be difficult access with narrow streets and parking regulations, but again we can help you with a lot of this. 
If you want to open a bank account in Spain before actually living there, you will need a Certificado No Residente and the process for obtaining one is the same as your NIE. Once you have got it you need to go to your bank with the following: 
• The EX-15 Certificate 
• Your Passport 
• Your NIE number 
• An address where any paperwork can be forwarded. 
If you are taking your car with you, it can only be driven with a foreign number plate for six months. At that point you become a Spanish resident and liable for Spanish taxes. You then have 30 days in which to register your car, and you need a Spanish MOT test known as an ITV. When you have this, you need to get the Spanish plates and pay an import tax. 
So, removal to Spain is not as simple as it was, but at Movers International we will help you every step of the way that we can. If you don’t need a full removal van, we can take your belongings as a part load, because we have runs to Spain every week. We also have our own depots in Malaga and Alicante if you need to store your goods for a while before moving into your new home. 
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