Spain is one of the most popular countries in Europe that Brits choose to live in when faced with the options of moving abroad. At Movers International, we know only too well since we carry out UK to Spain removals on a weekly basis. 
Yes, you read that correctly: we have regular runs to Spain every week, which are perfect if you are moving there but only taking a small amount of furniture or other items with you. 
Not only that, but if you are heading to the south of Spain, on the Mediterranean, which is a very popular choice because of the fabulous climate, we also have two depots of our own there. There is one in Malaga and another in Alicante. They are perfect if you need to store furniture there if, for instance, your new home is not ready to move into. This also works the other way around if you have perhaps moved to Spain a few years ago and are now coming back to the UK. Our friendly team in the depots will help you in any way they can. 
Quite a number of people who use our UK to Spain removals are going to the capital – Madrid. This is often for work purposes where your company may send you there to run their office, or perhaps start up a new branch from scratch. 
Few Large Residential Properties In the City Centre 
Madrid is a fairly large city with a population of 3,300,000. If you are moving with family, you will probably need to look in the suburbs because most of the residential properties in the city centre are flats, which may not be big enough if you have children. Chamberi could be a good choice because while it is close to the city centre, not many tourists go there, so it has a quiet village-type of feel. Chamberi has local markets and, naturally, tapas restaurants, but it also has a lot of activities for children and several playgrounds. 
Another area close to the city centre is Salamanca which has excellent schools and services and is quiet and safe. However, the property prices are high, so you could choose Retiro which is less expensive and has plenty of green spaces but is not as close to the centre of Madrid. 
No matter where you are going in Spain, you can trust the friendly team at Movers International to get you there in style. 
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