So, you have decided that you are going to move to Spain. Bully for you! It’s a great country with a relaxed attitude to life, and if you head for the Mediterranean the weather is going to be great as well. Lots and lots of sunshine. 
The very first thing to do is to talk to us at Movers International, as one of the foremost removal companies to Spain. We are experts at removals to Spain, since not only do we run a weekly service there, but we also have our own depots with English-speaking staff in Alicante and Malaga. However, as with most removal companies, you need to give us at least four weeks’ notice, and preferably longer in the summer and school holidays, because we can get very booked up. 
We are often asked by customers if they can do their own packing and the answer is that of course you can. With that said, we would aways recommend letting us do the packing because, as one of the leading removal companies to Spain, we are experts, and we know how to pack so that nothing gets damaged. 
Get Rid Of “Stuff” 
However, if you want to pack yourself, here are some tips for you. The very first thing is to get rid of “stuff”. We all collect all sorts of things over the years, and it can be tempting to say “Well, we’ll keep that because it might be useful”. If that is how something is described, then get rid! Sell it. Give it to the charity shop. Or whatever. The less you take, the less your move will cost! 
Check your wardrobe. It is said that if you haven’t worn something in the last two years, you are never going to wear it again. 
If you have Ikea furniture, then flat pack it. Again, the less space you need on the removal vans, the less it costs. On that note, when packing, use all the space. You can roll T-shirts and socks and other clothing up and push them into shoes for instance. 
Check the customs regulations. All countries have rules on what you can and can’t import. 
Use proper packaging. We can supply you with quality packaging materials that will keep your items safe. Supermarket boxes are not good enough. And don’t make a box too heavy: if you have trouble lifting it, so will anyone else working on your removals to Spain
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