"Should I send this item through the removal company, or should I take this myself?", "Will the removal company take care of this thing?" -these questions and many more boggle our minds while moving overseas, don't they? 
If you are currently preparing to move and settle in Preston, you must be aware of the non-removable items as well. To help you avoid unnecessary unpacking and repacking, here's a list of things you should not put in the vans while any of the removal companies in Preston is at work at your premises. 
Dangerous items 
No removal companies to Preston will move corrosive, flammable or explosive items. The following things fall under this category: 
Petrol, motor oil, lighter fluid 
Fireworks, firearms, ammunition 
Batteries (household and car) 
Fire extinguishers 
Oxygen and propane cylinders 
Aerosols, liquid bleach 
Paint thinner, nail polish remover etc. 
Perishable Items 
Foods that might get spoiled on the way to Preston are perishable and thus non-allowable. Mover companies will carry food items like rice, cereals, etc., in a well-sealed packing but not foods like raw meat, cake, fruits, etc. Plan well beforehand how to utilise all the foods in your freezer before the day you move. 
Valuable Items 
It is always recommendable that you take your valuable items with you while moving overseas. We don't only mean the pricey things. Often there are things in our house that we are attached to sentimentally. And then there are some essential documents too. It is best not to send them through removal companies. This category includes: 
Photo albums 
Birth certificate 
Computers, laptops or tablets 
Irreplaceable items like family heirlooms etc. 
Pets and Plants 
Are you a pet parent? Undoubtedly, your dog won't like to be packed with its bed and sent off! You can take them with you while you fly or drive to Preston or ask your family to take care of them over the moving period. 
The same stands true for plant parents too. The plants have a high chance of dying when you pack and move them via the dark and cramped removal van or container. However, some removal companies in Preston do transport plants with special packaging. In that case, you must prepare the soil and the pot so the plants can endure the process. 
At Movers International, we take care of 90% of your belongings that are allowed by Law. If you are planning to move to Preston anytime soon, call us today, and we assure you of a smooth and stress-free removal process. 
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