Moving your household to a new country can be very daunting. It would take prior planning and a lot of research. Among the European countries, Spain has a foreign population of seven million, according to Statista. A good percentage of this population comprises people who move to Spain for work, higher studies, or simply to reside there. Removals to Spain can be fairly easy as the nation allows various modes of transport and methods to move your items from another country. You can choose any route- air or land, and enjoy all the facilities. 
While moving to Spain, you can either do all the formalities yourself or take the help of experienced personnel. If you have the time to plan and are bound by a tight budget, you can decide to do the procedure by yourself. But if you are not confident about properly managing the entire removals procedure and are flexible, you can opt for some of the most trustworthy companies in the international removals sector. These companies will take care of everything- right from picking up your belongings from your house to ensuring their safe and timely arrival in any city in Spain. 
Here’s a list of everything you need to remember while completing the removal process. 
Be careful about the type of objects and items that you will transport to Spain. 
You need to list the items that will be eligible for customs tax. 
You need to consider further if some items need to be quarantined before you can get them to your doorsteps. 
You must think ahead before starting the procedure to ensure a perfect removal process in Spain. 
You also need to consider the options of removal to Spain by the time they take in the process. 
Properly arrange the required documents and keep them in a clear folder. The documents you must carry include your visa, legal residency papers such as NIE, work contract, tax documents and social security number (if you are relocating for work), student visa (if you are going to pursue higher studies in Spain), etc. 
The Government of Spain will offer you public healthcare insurance if you move to Spain as a worker or employee. But, if you are a student, you must settle for private insurance. 
Choosing Movers International will put all your worries at rest, and we will guide you about every little detail. We work across Europe and will ensure you face no hurdles during your stay in Spain. 
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