Portugal is one of the most beautiful European countries with its coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. If you are a football buff, relocating to the home country of Christiano Ronaldo can be a dream come true for you. However, packing and moving everything single-handedly can be a difficult task. Choosing removal companies in Portugal can be of great help to you. Here we have covered the essential points you must remember while relocating to Portugal. 
How Do You Choose Removal Companies In Portugal? 
Search the internet for all the available companies offering services in this sector and minutely check the reviews posted by users. Select the service provider that ensures a smooth and hassle-free removal process. 
• Check with the companies whether they also offer to guide you about the documentation requirement. If they do, you will be well-informed and experience a safe and trustworthy removal to the country. 
Moving overseas to Portugal can be a very daunting task. However, the removal companies will surely help you ease into the process. 
Points To Remember For Moving Overseas 
Firstly, you must fix a budget and decide on your expenses before engaging in the process of moving overseas. After you have set a budget, you can contact an international mover service to help you with the rest of the process. 
Whether you will travel to Portugal from an EU or non-EU country is an important factor. The process becomes very easy if you are from an EU nation as you do not need to produce government-attested documentation. You do not have to pay any extra taxes, customs or duties as well. 
However, if you belong to a non-EU nation, you must follow specific regulations, and the process might seem a little bit more complicated. But with trusted and experienced removal companies, you may not need to worry much as they take care of almost everything. 
Portugal allows you 365 days or a year to move all your belongings to the nation after you have relocated there. This would mean that any delay from the given time frame would be charged more than the set amount and will also incur other hassles. 
What Documents Do You Need To Carry While Relocating To Portugal? 
Though the moving company will inform you of everything, to be on the safe side, we have you covered. 
An attested and authenticated list of all of the items with their respective values (this will be checked by the Customs Duty officials and is a must) in the Portuguese language 
A certificate of the luggage issued by a Portuguese consulate 
Your passport 
All kinds of residence proof, work permits, and other permits as and when required. 
Serial numbers of every major appliance that you bring with you 
Declaration of ownership of all goods 
At Movers International, we take responsibility for all your belongings and inform you of all the required documentation before initiating the process. Reach us 24/7 at any of our toll-free numbers to get prompt assistance. Wish you a happy and safe relocation to Portugal! 
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