Spain is one of the most favourite destinations for UK nationals to go for their annual summer holidays. Indeed, some people go there every year for the sun and the sea, and the relaxed way of life. So, it is not surprising that a lot of Brits choose to go and live in Spain upon retirement. 
Spain is a big country, around 2.1 times the size of the UK, and the population is a lot less. The UK population is about 67 million – and growing by the minute – while the population of Spain is just around the 50 million mark, so there is a good deal more space in Spain. 
As such a big country, the climate varies quite a lot. In the South and around the Mediterranean, it is hot. In the North the summers are warm and the winters mild. While Central Spain – far removed from the sea – tends to have extremes of hot and cold. Let’s face it: you can ski in the Pyrenees. 
Learn Spanish 
If you are going to move to Spain yourself, then one of the best things to do would be to learn Spanish. Sure, there are a lot of expats there in some areas, and a lot of Spanish speak English, but being able to understand the lingo will make life a whole lot easier. It’s not a difficult language to learn. 
If you are going to buy a home in Spain rather than rent, then you need a conveyancing solicitor who is familiar with Spanish laws, since the system is very different from the UK. For instance, debts remain with a property, so you could be liable for any debts left by the previous owner! You also need to make a will to cover the disposal of Spanish assets if you should die. 
Of course, you will need removal to Spain, and as one of the foremost removal companies to Spain, at Movers International we can take care of everything for you. We have regular road trips to Spain every week, and so if you need removal to Spain for a small number of items, or even a single item, then it can go as a part load. 
Not only are we one of the foremost removal companies to Spain, but we even have two of our own depots there in Malaga and Alicante. This is perfect if your new home is not ready to move into and you need to be able to store your belongings for a few weeks. 
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