If you are moving to France, which many retirees choose to do, or whether you are moving for business reasons, the fact is that the country is only about 20 miles away across the English Channel. So, the French are really our next-door neighbours. 
However, that doesn’t alter the fact that moving home is stressful. The fact that it is only a few miles has nothing to do with it, because moving home is considered to be the most stressful thing that we ever do – and yet the average UK citizen moves home every 7 years! 
Nonetheless, with over 30 years’ experience of house removals to France, at Movers International our aim is to make everything as stress-free as possible. Even so, there are many things that we cannot help with. Packing securely and moving, yes. But there are lots of things that you need to consider. 
Get Rid! 
Not the least of these is what to take with you. Two of the most important words that we know are “Get rid”! Apart from anything else, the less you take with you, the smaller the van you need and the lower the cost. 
By all means, make a checklist of those things that are essential to take with you. There are practical items that you absolutely need, although of course you can buy many of them in France when you arrive. There are also items that you cannot part with for sentimental reasons. That’s understandable. 
But many other things you can leave behind. For instance, take a look at your clothing. Here’s a fact: if you haven’t worn a dress, sweater, pair of shoes, or whatever, for two years, the simple fact is that you will never wear them again. So, get rid. Give them to a charity shop. Hold a garage sale. Sell them on eBay. Just don’t take them with you. 
(I have said this before: when moving home on one occasion when I was younger, I filled one side of the two-car garage with items that I had moved. Six months later, I hired a skip and got rid of most of them! My wife used the word “idiot”. She also used others, but I cannot print them here). 
Also, take note that there are certain items that you are not allowed to take into France, or need a certificate to do so. You need to make certain that you check this with French Customs because you can get fined for taking some items into the country. 
Of course, when it comes to house removals to France, you can pack everything yourself if you so wish. However, at Movers International our team of experts understand how to pack so that your belongings arrive safely and securely at your destination. It’s worth it for your peace of mind. 
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