France is synonymous with the celebration of love. Add to that the lingering scent of wild thyme from the French kitchens and restaurants, and it feels like magic. If you are currently moving to France, this is, of course, something you anticipate. But what about packing and moving? 
Let Movers International take that stress for you. With the expertise we have acquired from our years of experience as one of the best removal companies to France, we assure you of safe and quick delivery of your belongings at an affordable rate. 
What items should you bring to France? 
Sometimes you will feel like contacting international shipping companies and bringing everything. At other times you will feel like selling everything and start afresh by buying new items in France. Here is a list of a few things which will be wise of you to move to your new address. 
From your birth certificate to your resume, you must carry them all. Passports, driving licences, bank account documents, tax receipts, etc., make it to this list. 
Well, not all of them. Make a list of the furniture items you must need while settling in France initially. You can buy sofas and other items from there gradually. But you must need at least one or two chairs and your work table. So, you know what you will ask the removal companies to France to pack and deliver and for what you will look for buyers. 
Gifts and personal items 
France has a tax-free policy for products you have received as gifts or are your personal item. You must declare before moving to France if you are carrying products for sale in France. 
It is best to carry medicines in sufficient amounts, for those particular ones may not be available in France. 
What not to take to France? 
This list will include (but not limited to): 
Electronic appliances like hair dryers (due to hertz difference, those may catch fire) 
Perfume (Oh, come on! It's France! Why carry perfumes? Buy them!) 
Toiletries (international shipping companies will send those by air, and the air pressure will cause leakage) 
Mattress and bed sheets (unless you move your bed to France; otherwise, French bedding dimensions are different) 
We urge you to put all your trust into Movers International and let us make your new journey in France start on a sweet note. 
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