It is often said that moving home is one of the most stressful things that we ever do – and yet the average Briton moves home every seven years! It can be stressful enough moving across your town. Moving to a different part of the county, or to another county can produce even more anxiety. Will I fit in? 
As for moving overseas, that is a whole different ball game. Even if you have relatives in another country, it is still a very different atmosphere and can be a totally different way of life. And there are just so many things to think about. You make a list, then you make another list, and eventually you find you have a list of lists! 
And yet, moving overseas can be an amazing experience. Different weather, different customs, and some countries such as Spain and Portugal have a really laid-back relaxed lifestyle. Manana, Manana! Nothing is ever a rush. 
Of course, you may have any one of a different number of reasons for moving abroad. Maybe you have retired and want to live in the sun and perhaps play golf. Maybe you have to because your employer has sent you to manage his/her office in Spain or New Zealand or Mexico. Maybe you are part of the Windrush generation and have a yearning to return to the place of your birth. 
Stress-Free Removals 
Whatever your reasons for moving abroad, the most important thing is to get the actual process of international removals done as effectively and as stress-free as possible. This is where we come in as international removers and packers at Movers International. (The hint is in our name!). 
Our job is to make the process of international removals as stress-free as possible, and the good news is that wherever you are moving to – as long as it is not an island in the middle of the Antarctic – we have been there before. Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt. 
It goes without saying that we have international contacts and over 30 years of experience as international removers and packers, so we know the best ways of getting your belongings to your destination, wherever that may be. 
There are so many things to do when you move abroad, but when it comes to the physical moving process you can hand the whole thing over to us, confident in the knowledge that we will get you wherever you are going. 
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