When you are going to move home, there are a thousand and one things to remember and to do. That is true whether you are moving to New Zealand or Canada, or just moving a couple of streets away in Preston. Our name may be Movers International, but we can just as easily move half a dozen items around the corner. 
As house movers in Preston, we provide an unparalleled service for removals in Lancashire, or just house removals in Preston itself. Many people love Preston, but they may need to downsize when the kids have flown the nest and so they want to stay within the town where they have all their friends, and often a lot of family as well. 
Moving house is always stressful because there are just so many things to think about. Got an old person’s bus pass? Do you know that you have to notify your bus pass provider of your move because otherwise when the pass runs out, they will send you a replacement – but to your old address? But things like that are probably not at the forefront of your mind when you are moving home! 
As house movers in Preston, our team is dedicated to making your move as stress-free as possible (although that doesn’t extend to anything to do with bus passes!). You can have our team of experts pack all of your belongings for you, and indeed we recommend this. It’s your choice, but our team will pack everything so that it gets to your new home safely. It also saves you all the hassle of doing it yourself. 
Maybe your new home is not ready to move into? This happens quite often with house removals in Preston, as you may have sold your own home and have to move out, so you need to stay in temporary accommodation. Have no fears: we provide secure storage at our depot for your belongings, and the good news is that for the first four weeks it is totally free! So, if you need to store for less than that, it costs you nothing. 
All of our team of movers and packers are trained through the British Association of Removers Training Services, so we know how to handle delicate items. And big ones. Have a 6’9” concert grand piano? Don’t worry. We will get it to your new home and put the legs back on it so that it is all ready to go! 
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