Moving to a new country brings unfathomable excitement. Alongside this, it also brings a lot of stress. While packing and moving household items is relatively easy, ensuring that you have taken all the necessary documents takes a huge amount of work. Chances of not finding your crucial documents like identity proofs at the right place at the right time are always there. Moreover, “what else to carry” keeps haunting you till the last moment. We, the experts at managing removals to Portugal- Movers International Europe Ltd., have made things a little easier for you. Save the checklist below if you are planning to move to the beautiful country of Portugal soon. 
Passport: The passport is a hundred on a scale of one to ten regarding importance. Without this particular document, you can go nowhere. 
Visa: The Portugal government will issue the visa for you and authenticate your stay. So, while international moving companies take care of your other belongings, ensure you keep this document safe and secure. 
Work permit: A work permit is a must if you are relocating to Portugal for work or intend to earn money by working on Portuguese properties. 
Your employers will arrange for this if they are sending you there. Otherwise, you must contact the Portugal consulate in your country. 
Birth Certificate: This particular document acts as your identity proof, proof of age, proof of nationality by birth, etc. So, the original birth certificate must be in your document folder during removals to Portugal. 
Luggage Certificate: The Portugal consulate issues a certificado de bagagem or the luggage certificate for when you enter the country. Though most of your possessions will be with international moving companies, you are likely to have at least a bag or two containing valuables, clothes etc. So, keep the luggage certificate securely. 
Ownership declaration: The items you will bring to Portugal must be listed and declared as your own legally. This declaration of ownership, notarised and containing your signature, is another must in your list of documents. 
Other documents: 
Medical records 
Marriage certificate (only for married couples; contact relevant authorities if you are married but don’t have any) 
An inventory containing the value of each of the items with you (this must be in Portuguese and consulate-authenticated) 
Movers International, with more than thirty years of experience, takes care of the complete removals to Portugal process. We will also provide you with a checklist of documents to ensure you don’t miss a thing. 
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