If you are moving home in Preston, whether it’s across the town, across Lancashire, or across the country, there are a considerable number of things to think about and to do before the big day arrives. In fact, just about everything that you will have to do takes place before moving day because on the day itself your removals company does all the work and all you have to do is to travel to your new home and start unpacking things. 
Obviously, the first thing to do when considering a move is to find the perfect new home for you. Assuming that you have done that, the next thing is to make all the big and little decisions about what you are going to take with you and what you can get rid of. Some of these can be tough decisions, but you need to do it because everything that you don’t take saves on packing and removal costs. 
Most of us, at some time or other, have moved things that we don’t need: this writer has to put his hands up and admit to moving home many years ago and putting a lot of items into one side of the double garage because they “would come in useful”. Six months later I hired a skip to get rid of them! Hold a garage sale to get rid of items you don’t need, give them away to friends or charity, or take them to the tip! 
If you have children, one of the things that you need to do is to arrange for a new school for them. You also need to arrange to change your doctor. This assumes that you are not simply moving down the street. 
The next thing is to make a list of everything that you are going to take, including types and numbers, distinctive features, estimated value, and most importantly a statement of their current condition including evidence such as receipts, photographs etc. This will prove invaluable if you need to claim on insurance for any damage. 
You also need to make certain that you have sufficient insurance. Don’t assume that your contents insurance will cover you for the move: it may well not do. Your removal company will have a certain amount of insurance, but maybe not enough to cover the cost of everything. If your antique vase that is worth £20,000 gets broken, the insurance probably won’t cover it, so you need to take out separate cover: it shouldn’t cost a lot anyway. At Movers International, if we are doing the packing, we know how to pack things safely and securely, but that doesn’t necessarily prevent an idiotic driver of another vehicle causing a major accident on the motorway. 
You need to decide on a moving date and book with a removal company for house removals in Preston well in advance. This is especially the case in the summer holidays when we can get very busy, and even more important after Coronavirus: many families that were going to move have been held up, and there is a backlog. If for some reason you cannot move into your new home for a couple of weeks, at Movers International we will provide you with free storage for up to a month. If you are buying new furniture, you can have it delivered to us and we will store that for you too. 
Don’t forget to tell everyone where and when you are going. That includes friends and family, of course, but also your landlord (if appropriate), your present employer, bank, insurance companies, credit card providers, your solicitor, and any other service providers. You also need to arrange for your landline, electricity, gas, and water bills to be terminated, and make sure that you have electricity, gas, and water on at your new home. 
If you have pets, you will need to arrange for them as well. A cat and dog, you can probably take in your car, but if you are moving long distance you will need a pet transport company. 
Make certain that you have an “open first” box, or boxes, with all the things that you will need as soon as you arrive. This might be things such as tea, milk, sugar, cups and saucers, and things that you will need such as soap, towels, and so on, on the night that you move in and the next morning. 
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