At Movers International, we are regarded as one of the very best moving companies in the UK.. 
This is especially true if you are moving overseas because we have been doing this for over 30 years now and we have moved people and businesses from the UK to just about anywhere else in the world that you can think of. 
We also move people who are only moving within the UK, whether it’s across the street or to another part of the country. However, when that is the situation, you don’t have to deal with customs and excise, speak foreign languages, and understand all the ins and outs of what you can move where. 
And yes, there are many things that you are not allowed to take with you into other countries, and what these are will depend entirely upon the regulations of that particular country. As you can imagine, the list can be quite long because what is allowed in one country may not be in another. However, at Movers International we are not known as one of the best moving companies in the UK for nothing, and we can help and advise you. 
We can take you anywhere that you want to go. Many retirees choose to live in Portugal or Spain because of the beautiful climate, and because they may well be familiar with those countries having spent summer holidays there. France is another popular choice, as is Switzerland. 
Regular Weekly Runs 
We have regular weekly runs to France and Spain and bi-weekly to Portugal, so we know the countries inside out. We even have two depots of our own in Spain on the Mediterranean at Malaga and Alicante. So, this is perfect if you are only moving a small number of items and not a full home of furniture etc., and you don’t need to use a full van. You can simply pay for the amount of space that you need. 
Our friendly team of movers and packers are experts at ensuring that your belongings are packed securely and safely and will arrive at your destination, wherever it may be, in the same condition that it left – barring any unforeseen circumstances as earthquakes for instance. 
Quite a number of people choose to move to the Caribbean, and we can take you there. Or perhaps you are going further, to New Zealand or Australia? No matter, our experts will get you there on time. 
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