Very occasionally, at Movers International Europe Ltd., we find that some of our customers can be slightly confused. These are usually people who live in Preston and are moving home just down the road or across the town, and others who may be moving elsewhere in Lancashire. 
The reason is in our name. Some people think we only move people overseas to anywhere else in the world (which we do) and others think that maybe we only move to the European Continent (which we also do), and no further. 
In fact, while it is true that we certainly do move many people to the continent – especially Spain and Portugal - we help others move worldwide. Equally, as one of the best-known removal companies in Preston, whether you are moving from Ribbleton to Larches or Cadley to Fishwick we can help you with that too. In short, we’ll move you across the street or across the world. 
So, why choose us to move you? Well, wherever you are going, we have over 30 years of experience, not just in house removals but in business removals as well. So, if you happen to run an engineering company and are moving to bigger premises, or even smaller ones, our friendly team of shippers and packers can handle everything for you. 
Safe And Secure Packing 
One of the most important things when moving home is to ensure that your belongings are packed safely and securely so that they arrive at your destination in one piece. As one of the foremost removal companies in Preston, Our guys know how to pack everything safely. That includes works of art, expensive Chinese porcelain, original paintings of any size, jewellery, your house plants – in fact anything at all. 
It is not just packing each individual item, although that is crucial, but also how it is loaded on to the removal van. That is an extension of packing, and it has to be done right as well. Incidentally, we have removal vans of varying sizes so you can choose one that is just the right fit – not too small, but equally, not too big. It follows that you will save money on the move by using the right van. No worries, one of our experts will visit your home and calculate the size you need. 
Of course, you can pack yourself if you wish, but then again you may well be better off leaving it to the specialists. Give our team a call to answer all your questions.. 
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